The Custom Officers’ Path

Louannec to Trégastel

From the town of Louannec, make your way down to the harbour of Perros, via the tidal marches of Le Lenn: an ideal spot for bird watching. From the other side of the harbour, make your way down to the Pointe du Château: wow. You’ve arrived! Enjoy the white sandy beaches of Trestrignel and Trestraou, both superb protected beaches. Then look at the pink all around you – the world’s most famous granite block field emerges from the waters and the moors, creating freaky silhouettes. What can you see? A hat, a bottle, a head…? Let your imagination run as wild as the pink shades on a summer’s eve. On the way, the lighthouse of Ploumanac’h, emblematic of Brittany, can be seen keeping watch. Take a dip in the beach at Saint-Guirec, at the foot of the small shrine, and you’ve made it back to the harbour, closed off by the tide mill. Heading to Trégastel, on the isle of Tourony, enjoy the view over the incredible Château de Costaères, in the centre of the Sainte-Anne bay.

Setting sail
Want to see puffins and northern gannets up close? Set sail for the Sept-Îles nature reserve, with the largest colony of sea birds in France. The Sant C’hireg sets sail for a half-day or sunset trip.

You are guaranteed an unbelievable view, climbing up a schooner at the Perros-Guirec nautical centre* ; vyou will make your way from the beach of Trestraou, avoiding the rocks.
*Subject to availability. Booking recommended.

Intermediate to experienced level
16 km – around 4 hr 15 walking