Leisure and activities

Explore the diverse coastal landscapes of Northern Brittany from the beach or the sea. Discover the Sept-îles nature reserve. Visit the various beaches via the Custom Officers’ Path or travel the famous GR 34…Against a unique backdrop made up of pink granite, heather and gorse, cross the moors over paths leading to different incredible points along the coast, go on a simple family walk or a big hike – you will be amazed by the spectacle of the Pink Granite Coast.

As for beaches, there are all kinds, from large fine-sand bays to smaller beaches perfect for exploring the flora and fauna of the seaside. Both wild beaches and lively beaches run along the coast. On the larger beaches, you will find various events, beach clubs, sports competitions and beach games.

Various major events will be taking place this summer at the seaside (the Armor) and on land (the Argoat). The La Solitaire du Figaro race will be launched from Perros-Guirec. Brittany culture will be honoured at the Breton dance festival and the Saint-Loup festival in Guingamp, dancing and nights out await you in various Fest-Noz events, which take place in summer evenings, and sea shanties shall take pride of place at the Paimpol festival.

Moving to the East along the gorse on the Goëlo coast, go and see the Gouffre du Diable, then take a detour via Pleubian to the Sillon de Talbert, before you reach the Arcouest tip, opposite the island of Bréhat.

You can reach the island of Bréhat by boat directly from the Trestraou boat terminal at Perros-Guirec, speedboats will take you for the day, and the coastal route will enable you to explore the Sillon de Talbert, the Héaux de Bréhat lighthouse, the Trieux estuary, Loguivy-de-la-Mer, and more!

The very temperate climate of Bréhat makes it one of the most floral islands of France, hence its nickname, the isle of flowers. During your walks, as well as the famous Lily of the Nile, you can admire various species of exotic plants from all over the world. Take care of this fragile environment; do not pick the wild flowers. Lose yourself on this small island – there will always be someone to point you in the direction of the harbour to return.